Quartz Collection


Introducing four legendary

Our Quartz palette is a spectrum of many popular quartz colors categorized under four series: Kalmasa, Aurora, Stratum & Prismatic

Stratum Series

Bold and Vivid

Similar to a bolt of lightning in the sky, a quartz vein shows itself as a sharp ridge in our most popular series of marbles, the Stratum series. This well-defined collection of stones can revamp your surroundings with its intricate yet simplistic colours and patterns. This collection brings with itself a sense of opulence and grandeur along with its subtle humility

Prismatic Series

The Beauty of Ocean Waves

Harbouring the essence of exotic natural elements, our Prismatic series is the perfect blend of vibrant colours and smooth linear shapes. These delicate patterns create an illusion of ocean waves using an array of soothing colours, textures, and materials. This collection’s strong and evenly distributed characteristics allow you to design a space that embodies your preferences. The vividness of this series adds a new and enhanced dimension to your surroundings.

Kalmasa Series

A Sumptuous Pattern

Regaining the forgotten glory of cemented patterned flooring, our Kalmasa series adds a slice of life to your interior. Small pieces of coloured glass and stonework together in harmony to create a stunning series. Inspired by the art form of mosaic, this dazzling collection can elevate any room with its presence. Kalmasa’s fine assortment from the wide range of premium stones adds radiance to its surroundings while maintaining an
ambience of comfort and luxury.

Aurora Series

Nature’s Expression

This collection draws its inspiration from the hues at dawn. It possesses a serene characteristic of monochromatic colours while adding luxuriousness to your interior. Developed from lustrous variations of the crimson shades & tints and integrated with exceptional tones, our designers have created this assortment of smooth and gentle coloured surfaces to give them the perfect individualistic touch.
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