Global Quartz is not responsible for any damage or injury caused in whole or in part by acts of nature, job site conditions, architectural and engineering design, structural movement, acts of vandalism, or accidents.

Warranty Claims need to be lodged online, within 30 days of occurrence of the event, with all the relevant details about the proof of installation of Global Quartz like an invoice, sales receipt, date of installation, and nature of the complaint, etc. at info@gstonesindia.com. We are always at your service.

Technical Data (For Engineered Quartz)

CharacteristicsTesting Method
PHYSICAL PROPERTIESDensity / Specific GravityASTM C97 / EN 14617-12.35-2.45 gr/cm3
Water AbsorptionASTM C97 / EN 14617-1<0.1 % by weight
Dimensional StabilityEN 14617-12Class A
Slip Resistance – Wet & DryASTM C1028 / 14231>0.4
Thermal ShockASTM C484 / EN 14617-6No’ visual change
Thermal Expansion CoefficientASTM C531 / EN 14617 -111.8-2.0 10’5/oC
Freeze Thaw ResistanceASTM C1026 / EN 14617-5No defect
MECHANICAL PROPERTIESScratch ResistanceASTM C241 / EN 1016 – 7 Mohs Scale
Flexural Strength / MORASTM C880 / EN 14617-250 – 70Mpa
Ball Impact StrengthASTM 0256 / EN 14617-9 EN 141586-10 kJ
Compressive StrengthASTM C170 / EN 14617-15180-210 Mpa
Abrasion ResistanceASTM C501 / EN 14617-480 -100 mf.113
CHEMICAL PROPERTIESChemical ResistanceASTM C650 / EN 14617-10Class C4
Stain ResistanceASTM C1378 / EN 14617 -10Pass
FlammabilityASTM E84 / EN 13501-1Class A
fungal & Bacterial ResjstanceASTM G21 & G22Pass
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