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Quality systems existing at Global Surfaces Pvt. Ltd. are in accordance to the requirement of International standard systems. To achieve the objects of the quality policy, GSPL take all measures to implement& achieve total Quality management. Quality checks have been introduced at various work stations of the company under the expert guidance of our skilled managerial team. Persistent follow up by management, internal/external audits and relentless efforts on the part of employees have paid rich dividends. Working in accordance with quality systems has now become a way of life at “Global Surfaces Pvt Ltd.With top of the line Italian machinery we are properly equipped to ensure a high and consistent quality level right through to the finished product. Our quality department’s work with up-to date control equipment and high qualified/experienced staff is responsible for all routine tests and analysis. It’s our continuous efforts to go beyond norms & limits set by standards and create our own standards to achieve excellence. Emphasis is given on detailed study of subjects and fields of our interest at “Global Surfaces Pvt. Ltd.”
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